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W H O 

Savia Skincare was born in Gold Coast in 2017, from the inspiring mind of Sofia.

Pharmacist by training, Sofia specialized in the compounding development of phytotherapeutics. She has always been intrigued by the power of plants and she is determined to guarantee their properties are optimized into the products she delivers.

With a commitment to sustainable and cruelty-free skincare that brings out your best skin,

Savia combines Sofia's two passions: the compounding of top-quality products, and her love for a natural and sustainable lifestyle.




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W H A T 

Savia Skincare aims to provide you with top-notch natural products that reveal your skin's true potential.

Each ingredient is specifically selected to pursue a goal, and you can be sure you are getting a product that is full of pure goodness. 

We support organic farming to keep us in harmony with nature and help preserve our land diversity. Furthermore, all the products we design are free of preservatives and nasty additives. Choosing our organic products means that you are nurturing your skin with only prime quality skincare that will help improve your wellbeing.

In resonance with our beliefs, we only use plant-derived ingredients and recyclable containers.




In Savia we believe that many small people doing small things can make a big change in the world. That is why we develop organic products with plant-based ingredients that are locally harvested to deliver sustainable skincare for our like-minded customers.

Australian-owned and handcrafted, each of our products is carefully designed, produced, and delivered in recyclable packaging. Helping preserve our mother Earth and honoring nature is our priority here in Savia.



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