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  • Are your products vegan friendly?
    Yes. All of our products are 100% vegan, as all of the people that work to make Savia Skincare great. This means we do not use any animal products, and we do not test on animals (cruelty free), only on real babes.
  • Do we really use 100% organic ingredients?
    Yes! Everything that goes on your body when you use Savia products is 100% organic, which means you won't be putting on your skin any nasties or harsh chemicals that may come from non-organic farming methods. Furthermore, supporting organic farming is vital to the future of our land and the next generations to come.
  • Is it safe to buy our products if these do not have any preservatives?
    Yes, it is safe. We formulate all of our products to ensure minimal contamination. We sterilize and sanitize all of our equipment and packaging, and our formulas may contain natural extracts or ingredients that can act as natural preservatives, but never synthetic or artificial ones. We do not use parabens, formaldehyde, thriclosan, or any other nasty artificial substances.
  • I have a specific skin type, can I purchase any of your products?
    Yes. All of our products have been tested on all types of skin, and they do wonders on everyone. However, we recommend buying the products that are specifically targeted for your skin type to achieve greater results. We all know that every skin is different, so we encourage you to try most of our products and see which ones help your skin achieve its full potential. If in doubt, feel free to contact us and we will help you choose the most suitable products for your skin.
  • What is the expiry date on our products?
    Good question! Our products don't have a written expiry date, but that doesn't mean these are going to last forever. As a general rule, we recommend the following: -3 months for Toners, Cleansers and Scrubs -6 months for Facial Serums -12 months for Face Masks (powder form only) We encourage safe skincare techniques to keep your products safe for longer. For instance, avoid any moisture on your face mask jars, do not touch the Facial Serum dropper when applying, or avoid getting your Coffee Scrub pouch wet. Also, keep your products away from direct sunlight and moisture, and always close them tightly after every use. If you notice any change in odour, colour or texture of your product, we recommend you stop using it. We appreciatte your feedback, so contact us if you have any concerns about our products.
  • Face Serums behaviour at different temperatures? What is that?
    Our Face Serums are made of 100% natural oils, and all of these oils have different melting points, which can result in visible changes in your product at different temperatures. We encourage people to keep their products at room temperature, but depending on where you live this may be colder or hotter. At temperatures lower than 20°C, your Face Serum may develop a precipitate, which does not mean that your product is off, but it means that one or more of the oils we use in it may have gone to a solid state. In order to use it, please make sure to shake and slightly warm up your Serum so all the ingredients are mixed properly. If your hometown temperature is higher than that, you will not have this problem, but please make sure to keep your product in the coolest place possible in order to prolong its shelflife.
  • I have a specific allergy, what should I look for in your products?
    We know a lot of people may be allergic to some components, so we always make sure to list ALL of the ingredients we use in our products. To make sure that you buy a product that is safe for your skin, please read the full ingredients list on each product. If in doubt, contact us so we can clear any questions you have regarding our ingredients and potential allergies. Unfortunately, we can't be 100% certain that our ingredients are free of traces of other components, so please be careful if you are very sensitive to any component at all. Always patch test on a small zone of your skin before using the product.
  • How soon will I be able to receive my products after my purchase?
    After you place and pay your order, it could take no more than a couple days to prepare your order and ship it. All of our products are handcrafted in all aspects of the production (including packaging and labelling). We usually keep a small stock of fresh items to ensure we can ship any purchases as soon as possible, but sometimes it will involve making your product from scratch. This will result in slightly longer processing times, but will guarantee that you receive a fresh batch, keeping our ingredients quality at the best.
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